Bryceson joins DataCite as Application Developer

Howdy from Portland! I recently joined DataCite as an Application Developer, and it has been great to get involved with the team and community over the past month.

Before joining DataCite, I was a software development engineer at Cambia Health Solutions. I worked on a large-scale care gap management engine that assists health professionals in identifying gaps in member care, allowing them to provide better coverage. Prior to working at Cambia, I was also involved in research at Texas A&M University. There, I worked on a project that leveraged motion and Bluetooth data from a smartwatch to perform online change detection to detect when the wearer changes activities in order to aid in data collection for activity classifiers.

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Start registering IGSN IDs with DataCite now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of IGSN ID registration using DataCite services. This is the culmination of almost one year of work after the signing of a partnership agreement between DataCite and the IGSN e.V. in October 2021. The ability to register material samples with IGSN IDs is now available to all DataCite Members and Consortium Organizations.

Since new IGSN IDs are functionally DOIs, IGSN IDs can be easily registered using Fabrica, DataCite APIs, and other systems that integrate DataCite DOI registration. Moreover, we will support you throughout, assisting you directly as you set up your IGSN ID repository and mint your first IGSN IDs. We have also added specific IGSN ID documentation on our Support website, which contains information about using IGSN IDs in material samples workflows. Included are best practices for populating properties in the DataCite Metadata Schema and other recommendations.

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Nelson Memo: relevance for research data

Bringing rigor to the scholarly record DataCite celebrates the recently issued Nelson memo “to make the results of taxpayer-supported research immediately available to the American public at no cost.” This is a significant step in the global policy landscape and will support collective action for change. DataCite, founded in 2009, was established with a common purpose […]

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Happy 10th Anniversary, re3data!

In this post, the authors celebrate the 10th anniversary of re3data, sharing insights about the history, the service itself, and how it has developed over the last decade. We at DataCite would like to congratulate re3data for its persistence in making information about research data repositories available. As a partner service, re3data is an important resource of reliable and high quality information for our services. As a member of the re3data Working Group and the re3data COREF project, we are pleased to contribute to the future of re3data.

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Communication Comes From Community

To be able to improve what you are doing, it is essential to question the way you have been doing things. As DataCite’s outreach manager, this is what I have been through in the last couple of months. With the DataCite strategic plan 2022-2025 in place, it is important to update the way we communicate with our community. And ask ourselves who our community actually consists of.
Are we still addressing the right stakeholders with the right messages? Here is a short overview of what we have been doing, what we have achieved, and what we will do with it.

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New Prefix Assignment Workflow in Fabrica

We are happy to announce that we have improved the prefix assignment workflow in Fabrica. Following  pillar one of our strategic plan: “Provide easy, efficient and responsive community services to support the needs of our community”, we simplified the prefix assignment workflow. The new process gives more autonomy to our members when setting up repositories in Fabrica.

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