Leading DataCite’s Global Access Program in Africa – Welcome Bosun Obileye

I’m excited to join the DataCite team as Regional Community Engagement Specialist – Africa.
In the past, I have worked as an IT professional in sectors like academia, IT consultancy, insurance, banking, telecommunication, oil and gas, actuarial, and lastly an agricultural research organization. Most recently, I was the institutional data manager at IITA, leading the team responsible for open access, open data, and open science. I led various projects including the integration of DataCite DOIs into the institutional data repository, integrated research repositories with the institutional data repository, development of a knowledge portal, development of a data collection quality control platform, and migration of various knowledge platforms. I led open-access outreach and engagement across all the countries where the organization has a presence. I promoted data management best practices at infrastructural and operational levels including the development of an institutional data management plan template, data management, and open data-related capacity building for students, researchers, partners, and government agencies.

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