DataCite in Buenos Aires, a recap of the csv,conf,v7

The DataCite team had an intense week in Buenos Aires for the csv,conf,v7 and we tell you (almost) all about it on this blog!

What is csv,conf?

csv,conf is a community-organized event by and for datamakers from all around the world. Participants get together to discuss open data, and how it can be used to solve problems across research, journalism, government, and beyond! Attendees learn about ongoing work, share skills, exchange ideas (and stickers!), and kickstart collaborations. csv,conf,v7 took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 17-19 and it was a special one because it was the first time it was hosted in the southern hemisphere. 

The event is completely organized by a team of volunteers with the generous contributions of sponsoring organizations and the support of friend communities.

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Conectados en Buenos Aires, nuestro primer evento presencial para nuestra comunidad latinoamericana

Desde el establecimiento del primer consorcio DataCite en Latinoamérica en 2020, hemos estado deseando interactuar con nuestra comunidad en persona. Después de tres años de webinars y reuniones virtuales, DataCite Connect Buenos Aires reunió a nuestra comunidad latinoamericana en el marco de la csv,conf,v7 en Buenos Aires (Argentina). Estamos felices de que miembros de Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia y México nos hayan acompañado para hacer contactos y discutir la adopción y colaboración de DataCite en Latinoamérica.

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Connected in Buenos Aires, our first in-person event with our Latin American community

Since the establishment of the first DataCite consortium in Latin America in 2020, we’ve been wanting to engage with our community in person. After three years of webinars and virtual meetings, DataCite Connect Buenos Aires brought together our Latin American community for an in-person meeting co-located with the csv,conf,v7. We are happy that members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico joined us to network and discuss DataCite adoption and collaboration in Latin America. 

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Championing equitable access in Latin America –  Hola Arturo

The Global Access Program (GAP) is DataCite’s initiative to improve access and enable communities in lesser-represented regions to further benefit from our open infrastructure services, launched with support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Grant 2022-316573). Throughout the next year, the program builds out DataCite’s international community with regional support and engagement in Africa, Asia, Latin […]

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