Iratxe Puebla joining DataCite as Make Data Count Director

Do you have a feeling that a lot is happening in the open data space? Then you are not alone. Over the last decade, I’ve touched on various parts of the open data world including from an editorial perspective and more recently in considering data publishing ethics. I am thrilled to be joining DataCite on June 1, 2023, to full -time focus on the adoption and recognition of open data.

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PIDs y Ciencia Abierta: Construyendo comunidad en América Latina

Los identificadores persistentes están jugando un papel clave en impulsar una infraestructura de investigación más sólida e iniciativas de ciencia abierta en América Latina. Este fue el tema principal del evento “Identificadores Persistentes (PIDs) y Ciencia Abierta en América Latina” (#PIDsLATAM23) realizado el 18 de abril en Buenos Aires (Argentina) en el marco de la de csv,conf,v7. Organizado por DataCite, ORCID y ROR, el evento contó con más de 70 personas vinculadas a la investigación en América Latina y otras regiones,  representando más de 40 instituciones diferentes.

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PIDs and Open Science: Building Community in Latin America 

Persistent identifiers are playing a key role in driving more robust research infrastructure and open science initiatives across Latin America. This was a primary theme at the event “Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) and Open Science in Latin America”  (#PIDsLATAM23) held on April 18 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) during csv,conf,v7. Organized by DataCite, ORCID, and ROR, the event was attended by more than 70 research stakeholders from across the Latin American region and elsewhere, representing 40 different institutions in total.

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DataCite in Buenos Aires, a recap of the csv,conf,v7

The DataCite team had an intense week in Buenos Aires for the csv,conf,v7 and we tell you (almost) all about it on this blog!

What is csv,conf?

csv,conf is a community-organized event by and for datamakers from all around the world. Participants get together to discuss open data, and how it can be used to solve problems across research, journalism, government, and beyond! Attendees learn about ongoing work, share skills, exchange ideas (and stickers!), and kickstart collaborations. csv,conf,v7 took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 17-19 and it was a special one because it was the first time it was hosted in the southern hemisphere. 

The event is completely organized by a team of volunteers with the generous contributions of sponsoring organizations and the support of friend communities.

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